Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Book Launch in Saskatoon

Prairie Feast was launched in fine style on Saturday evening with a wine and food evening at Souleio in Saskatoon. It was standing room only! Thank goodness for Sharpie... I signed a ton of books with no wrist fatigue and no smudging! Now I'm off to Regina...

Special thanks to Souleio owners and dear friends, Janis and Remi Cousyn, for a wonderful affair, and to Sue Echlin, the best ever MC with her own prairie fruit winery.

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  1. Hi Amy Jo,

    I seen that you signed up to our mailing list at Cool Springs Ranch a few weeks ago, but I didn't know anything about you then. Now I do - your name is everywhere! They had a poster at Regina's Weston A. Price Chapter meeting that we were at and now your all over Facebook!

    We are a little late to get in on your project but hopefully we will meet you sometime in the near future! Our own project of an on-farm butchershop with "all foods Grass-Fed and pasture raised" is just about ready to go and then we will be coming to the cities monthly with "real foods"!

    Just want to add my "Congratulations!" on the release of your new book - I haven't read it yet but will be picking up a copy just as soon as I can find one! I know already I will love it!

    Look forward to meeting you!