Monday, July 5, 2010

Saskatoon Berrry Festival

I'm a big fan of saskatoon berries (that's me, picking berries with my husband last summer) so it was about time I made it to the Saskatoon Berry Festival in Mortlach. In just three years, the folks from Mortlach have built the festival into a one-day destination of crafts and food.

I had a table outside the Hollyhock Market to promote my book -- thanks so much to owners Lois and Jack. Lucky for me, I was also intalled next to the saskatoon berry sausage grill. Yum lunch!

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  1. We're sure looking forward to having you here Amy Jo! You'll love Mortlach - Berry Festival Day is so much fun, and so much to do! Our website should have all the details by the second week in May at the latest.

    And we're especially glad to host you here at Hollyhock Market Natural Foods. We'll be celebrating our One Year Anniversary that day (yes, we opened on the craziest day of the year here in Mortlach!). But we have much much more than the ice cream we opened with last year. This year we have all sorts of local meats, produce and condiments, as well as some amazing items from far away.

    See you all here on Berry Festival Day!
    Lois and Clayton Jack
    Hollyhock Market Natural Foods
    Mortlach, SK