Monday, May 17, 2010

Prairie Feast now in Bookstores

Now it feels real!

My book has landed on the shelves of our local bookstore, McNally Robinson. It's also available at the University of Saskatchewan bookstore and, I believe, Turning the Tide Bookstore in the Broadway neighbouhood.

I hear it's also at Costo in Regina (perhaps Saskatoon, too).

In Regina, it's at the Book and Briar Patch. You can also order it online from the publisher, Coteau Books.

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  1. Hello Amy Jo,
    Great looking book, we just picked it up here in Edmonton, as a Sask farm boy in exile out here you wrote a piece that at first glance will speak to my heart, good food, grown in our home, and adventure.

    well done, My wife and I are looking forward to reading it.

    Steve the z