Sunday, October 10, 2010

Heading north with Prairie Feast

A few years ago, my husband and I set off for a weekend of camping in Meadow Lake, but my car had transmission trouble outside the Battlefords and we had to turn back. So, finally, my first visit to Meadow Lake!

I was invited to read from Prairie Feast at two events on one day. First, the afternoon in  North Battleford for a book event at the public library. It was great to have the kids from Bready School in the audience asking all the right questions.

In Meadow Lake, the library organized a dessert evening at the seniors' centre, including a display of local-produced foods. Every dessert was made with a locally grown item, such as zucchini chocolate cake, baklava (dripping in honey) and pumpkin pie. I picked up a squeeze bottle of honey from the Parkland Honey Farm and a sack of potatoes. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful welcome!


  1. Hey Amy Jo.
    I was given your book the other day and I really like it. I have a question though. As it is zucchini season I was going to make the zucchini loaf but 15 oz of cheese seems like a lot. Is this the correct amount?

  2. Yikes! No that's a typo. How on earth did that happen?? It's supposed to be 150 grams. I'll have to talk to the publisher about that.

  3. I'll change that then. But thanks.