Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Edmonton LitFest

What a great time at the Edmonton at LitFest this past weekend! Here I am at the final event, a Brunch of Writers. That's me on the left with host Janice Williamson, author Candace Savage, cartoonist/author Sarah Leavitt and poet Alice Major.

Friday evening was a wonderful event called Savouries, for which Chef Gail Osbeck and her team of underprivileged youth at Kids in the Hall Bistro cooked up some recipes from Prairie Feast while I got to wax on poetically about the local bounty.

Saturday's event, Get Real, was a real experience for me, sitting on stage between two "big" thinkers, Dan Gardner and Andrew Potter. The topic: "what's authentic and true in our quest for meaningful and fulfilling lives." I won't even try to sum up the context of their comments, but mine was simple: good food, with a story to tell, prepared with love and served with pride - that's fulfilling in more ways than one!

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